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Vastu Consultation, Vastu Consultant in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR India - Sunday, May 27, 2012
Vastu Consultation, Vastu Consultant in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR India

  • Vaastu Means: From the time of Tretayug the vastu shastra has been come into being existence, during the period of kings, rulers, this subject has been utilized and got success in their ruling periods. But there was no information revolution as of today, only the kings & rich people has been observed to safe guard (vastu) the richness as well as their kingdom. Unfortunately the poor & drown-trodden people have no idea of present Vastu Shastra. But as time passes the kings & Kingdom had ruined, the democracy came into force, being by advent of democracy everyone has own idea of on vastu. Here we should know what is vastu ….? For instance the meaning of sorrow is either pain or difficult, similarly we have to define what is vaastushastra?. You can learn more about vastu shastra from here, Wealth does not give mental peace. We can’t buy everything with money like…. Mother’s love, affection etc. Many people of this kind had not following the vaastu Shastra advice from a right person. Due to that there was much criticism of vastu. If you follow the vaastu instructions from a vastu expert you can be benefited more. You can earn money but we cannot avail peace of life. Vastu for home and Vaastu for any property is the important as its proved several times in the researches.
We have come across many rich people & noticed lack of peace of mind, so the importance of peace of mind is unlimited. As per our old literature "Vastu" means "Vasathi" or "Vaasa" it means living under one roof. Later this word has been changed as Vastu , in some areas the spelling is also been changes as "Vastu" or "Vaastu" or "Vasthu" or "Vaasthu". The influence of vastu is no doubt the peace of mind for the house holders. Those who are suffering from in health, wealth, debts, quarrels, court cases, property loss, misunderstandings, facing troubles at family life, disputes, frustration and tension and they look forward towards peace. The people who have frustration & negative outlook will crave for present vastu……The ultimate answer is vasthu. Those who follow “vastu” on basis of construction will attain their desired goals & perfect happiness. If the property is according to principles, then infertility  and fertility issues will also solved and residents get children. Baby born in that property.
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