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The results of Saturn in 6th house will be doubtful. They may be good, bad or mixed. Jupiter will not give good results at that time.

Throwing almonds or coconuts in the running water of a river will be helpful.

Jupiter and Sun in one house and Venus in subsequent houses. The profession concerning both the planets will be beneficial.

When Jupiter and Saturn give bad results regarding health the service of father, if in joint family with father; will be helpful. Pure gold and saffron in the house will be helpful.

When Jupiter Moon give bad results regarding health or wealth or both one silver thali should be kept in the house or an empty silver vessel should be buried in one corner of the houise.

Jupiter and Moon in 4th house very auspicious Business or service should be regarding the commodities pertaining to either of the planets.

Jupiter and Moon in 7th house is not a good combination. Brokerage or trade will be auspicious as profession. Articles of Ketu should be buried under ground or tied around the neck. (vaidurya is the stone for Ketu).

Jupiter and Moon in 11th house is also not quite auspicious. Some financial help to daughter or father's sister or maternal uncles or to sweeperess will be helpful.

Jupiter and Venus in 3rd house is also inauspicious. Clay toys or spreading dust where road is under construction would be profitable profession.

Jupiter and Venus in 6th house is also not a good combination. To fight misfortune in this regard some golden thing in the hair of women should always be used.

Jupiter and Venus will help if there is a vocation pertaining to Venus. The things may not brighten up immediately but will help in emergencies or when help is most needed.

Jupiter and Venus in 8th house give good results generally except in financial matters. The profession concerning mud and dust on roads under construction etc. will be financially profitable.

Jupiter and Venus in 10th house may not give bad results regarding money matters unless the native is a non-believer or does irreligious acts.

Jupiter and Venus in 11th house. The native seeks pleasures in doing immoral or secret acts that harm his vitality etc. and may have some venereal disease. The ash of gold or silver may be useful if taken internally under medical advice.

When Jupiter and Saturn are together in the 5th house the native should never touch wine.

When Jupiter and Saturn are together the planet aspecting them should be awakened.

Whenever Jupiter and Mercury are together, no good results should be expected of Jupiter.

To mitigate the bad effects of Jupiter and Saturn in 2nd house the remedies for Saturn would be useful.