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Four Mukhi Rudraksha

A four Mukhi have four lines (Mukhas) on its surface.

Product Description :

    • A four Mukhi have four lines (Mukhas) on its surface.
    • The ruling deity of this Rudraksha is Lord Brahma who is the creator of universe as well as the bestower of knowledge and creativity.
    • Hence this Rudraksha is excellent for students, scientists, executives, and all those people who are in computers, electronics and communication line.

Information :

    • Symbol of : Lord Brahma.
    • Ruling Planet : Mercury.
    • Day to wear : Monday.
    • Beej Mantra : “Om Hreem Namah”.

Features :

    • This Rudraksha increases the power of original thinking, knowledge, learning and creativity.
    • This Rudraksha is also very useful in the treatment of “Stammering”.
    • This Rudraksha removes the malefic effects of planet mercury and is useful for respiratory tract problems.
    • The oratory and writing skills of the wearer are highly increased by the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.
    • This Rudraksha is useful in diseases of Gall Bladder, Mental ailments, paralysis and diseases of nose.
    • This Rudraksha increases the wit and intelligence of the wearer.

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