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Hanuman/ Bajarang Yantra - Remover hurdles and sorrows

Hanuman Yantra is to appease Lord Hanuman.

Product Description

Hanuman Yantra is to appease Lord Hanuman. Those who have A malefic Mars in their chart or Horoscope should perform daily puja to the Hanuman Yantra. Continous 40 days puja with oil sindoor, laung , supari and betel leaves yeilds to success in whatever work you wish. The Hanuman Yantra is very auspicious and useful in business success. Hanuman is the lord of power, authority and vigour. This yantra is very powerful. During the puja of Hanuman Yantra, the Sadhak should remain absolutely pious and observe Barahmcharya. Keep fast on every Tuesday after starting this puja.

This Yantra is 24 carat gold plated and is embossed on a plate of pure copper.

Size : 5 x 5

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