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Since time immemorial, Gems have proved extremely beneficial and help to triumph over various complexities in life. The study of the physical, and chemical properties of gemstones forms the science of Gemology. Since beginning, the use of gemstones and their effects have been experimented over a long time. The astrologers associate particular gemstones with particular planet. The correct choice of gemstones on the basis of study of a person's horoscope has positive effect on a person's life, helping him to be stable, positive, prosperous and lucky. A large number of experiences have given birth to the use of gemology. Many famous personalities in India and even abroad put on wear gemstone in a ring on their fingers or in any other way. 

Jyotish ( Vedic Astrology ) is one of, if not the oldest, system of astrology on this planet. 

We are fortunate to have a recorded history of the common effects seen by people while experiencing certain astrological combinations. These combinations in a birth chart are called yogas. 

We can predict with amazing accuracy the effects of these planetary combinations.

If  a malefic dasa, or difficult time period is seen, you can take precautions such as working with planetary mantras, performing specific acts of charity designed to generate balancing karma, or wear the gemstone remedy (upaya) from a gem prescription. 

Wearing untreated gems that contact your skin through a ring or pendant can have a significant impact. With a gemstone recommendation by a professional Vedic Astrologer, the effect is likely to be very helpful. 

The nine gems represent the nine planets used in Jyotish or Vedic Astrology and so are called the planetary gems. These are used along with planetary mantras to improve the effects of your astrology chart as well as your karma. Gems worn in wedding rings or engagement rings can also be chosen after consulting astrological advice.

The names of the planets in the Vedic Astrological system, are:


Surya or Ravi for the Sun

Chandra or Soma for the Moon

Buddha for Mercury

Mangala or Kuja for Mars

Shukra for Venus

Brihaspati or Guru for Jupiter

Shani for Saturn

And the nodes of the Moon are known as Rahu and Ketu.